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February 5, 2018

In a pamphlet first published in the 1970s, Howard Macy writes, “People have more than an appetite for peace; they are starved for peace.” That pamphlet, Shalom, has been out of print for years, so when Howard first asked whether Barclay Press might consider releasing a revised edition, I wondered if it would still prove relevant and useful.

Then I read what Howard had written. And I knew –

  • in a time when U.S. special operations forces are deployed in 70 percent of the world’s countries; 
  • in a year where there have already been eleven school shootings; 
  • in the face of sickness, suffering, oppression, and loss –
the ever-present immanence of violence makes Howard’s study of peace more important than ever. Especially because, even as Quakers, “Many of us understand peace too narrowly and as having too small a realm.... Second, we may imagine peace on too large a scale, telling ourselves that the challenge is too large or imposing for us to make any difference.”

In spite of this sense, “We are called to be makers of shalom, to be agents of God’s reconciliation.” Howard continues, “Our efforts at making peace often seem futile.... [But] our small efforts may be more powerful than they seem.”

This is, I think, true of all our efforts. What little we can accomplish seems futile. But our small efforts – in every endeavor – add up to something. In last week’s Long Story Short, I announced that a private donor has offered to match every donation that comes in over the next four weeks, up to $1,000. As of this morning, nine donors have given $775, putting us within $225 of our goal. In one week!

Over this next year, I’m tasked with raising $25,000 to sustain the work of Barclay Press. That’s about $2,100 each month. These funds will make possible the publication and distribution of resources like 
Shalom, which we plan to release as an e-book in March, making print pamphlets available for individuals and small groups in April.

You can support this work with a one-time or monthly donation. And because we’re a small press, even small gifts make a significant difference. Just click on DONATE at, or mail a check to Barclay Press, 211 N Meridian St #101, Newberg OR 97132.

And if you’re interested in Howard’s pamphlet, watch this space. I’ll make sure to let you know as soon as it’s ready.

Thank you,

Eric Muhr


211 N. Meridian St. #101
Newberg, OR 97132

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