Over the years

Almost every week I send out this newsletter, and almost every week I share a reflection on the morning’s Fruit of the Vine devotional thought. Today I’ve pulled excerpts from the last fifty-seven years of Fruit of the Vine writings. On this day –

– in 1962: We are not left to live our Christian lives in isolation. A relationship with those around us necessitates our learning to get along with one another – Catherine Cattell

– in 1972: The church has more technology at her disposal for getting out the Gospel than ever before. Still ... there is a passiveness, an insensitivity to the real world and the real issues – Edward Rawson

– in 1980: Beneath the layers of possessions and preoccupations, the voice of the Spirit of God continues to speak, ever so gently nudging us. “If you want to be My disciple you must make a commitment” – Louise George

– in 1991: Jesus’ presence at the well must have surprised the woman.... He actually spoke to her, asking a favor!... Racial and social customs were cracking all around – Nancy Thomas

– in 2003: In my teenage years I read verse 31 in the King James Version. “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength....” Strength didn’t seem to be an issue then, but waiting sure was – Raelene Fendall

– in 2012: The shepherd feeds us through his body – the church. Have you ever found the energy to keep going because of someone else’s words or acts of kindness toward you? I have – Hubert Thornburg

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Eric Muhr