God's help to hope

In this morning’s Fruit of the Vine, Phil Smith recognizes that “a world too big for us” can tempt us with despair. “There is nothing we can do,” Phil writes, “because the fanatics and generals and corporate boards hold power.” And for we who are Christians? “We hope for heaven after we die, because the world is too big.”

This is not a new problem.

“Judah’s exiles had just as much reason to despair as we do,” Phil writes. And the truth is that they may have had more reason to despair than we do. “Babylon had conquered Jerusalem and burned its temple.” But in the face of destruction, “Isaiah announced God’s salvation.”

Did they believe?

Do we?

God is “faithful, loving, and holy. . . . The God who created the world can make something new; he can deliver Israel [and us] in ways they [and we] would never have dreamed.”

But we need a reminder of who God is. We need God’s help to hope.

Eric Muhr

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