As we swim our laps of life

In this morning's Fruit of the Vine, Hank Helsabeck tells the story of a simple connection he made with his daughter: "I spent many late afternoons sitting in the aquatic center watching my grade school daughter, Amy, practice with her swim team." Every time Amy "completed a set of laps, she would look up from the poolside and find me in the bleachers. She would wave and smile at me." And every time it happened, Hank would wave and smile back.

These interactions between Hank and his daughter were small, almost automatic. But Hank writes that this "practice of connecting did more than I know in strengthening the relationship between the two of us." Hank likens this series of small interactions to the kinds of connections God creates in our own lives: "Whether you are driving across town, waiting in a checkout line, taking a short break from work, or actually swimming laps in a pool, just look up and smile at God."

I find myself wondering, as I read Hank's words, whether these might also be the kinds of interactions God longs for us to have with one another "as we swim our laps of life."

Hank leaves us with this prayer: "Abba, help me remember to pause many times a day to affirm your presence and to smile at you and with you." My prayer is that God might also help me to remember to pause at least once a day and to make a connection with whomever God brings into my life. If I see you, maybe I'll remember to smile and wave. If you see me, maybe you'll wave and smile back. And in the meantime, I am praying for you.

Eric Muhr