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Paul Anderson serves as a professor in the College of Christian Studies at George Fox University. He has been a part of the university since January of 1989, with only one year elsewhere, teaching at Yale Divinity School in 1998-1999. His teaching and research interests include New Testament studies, Quaker studies, and an assortment of other issues ranging from discernment-oriented leadership to peace work to dialogues between science and religion.

All through life, Paul’s calling is to serve and also to seek the truth--believing that the truth is always liberating (John 8:32). His double major in psychology and Christian studies at Malone College prepared him well for taking human experience seriously within biblical studies as well as ministry and leadership studies. D. Elton Trueblood was Paul’s mentor in seminary, and due to his influence, Paul’s callings were expanded to include teaching, writing, and preparing others for leadership. Also in seminary Paul became fascinated with the Gospel of John, and in addressing the tensions in John’s Christology in both his doctoral work and his later books.

Paul grew up in Latin America, where his father worked in cultural affairs, and he’s always believed that there is more than one way to approach an issue. This relates to leadership and conflict management, but also to theological and biblical studies. In leadership studies, Paul has received two Lilly grants to help leaders from a variety of Christian traditions use discernment-oriented approaches. This leadership model facilitates consensus instead of forcing decisions by hierarchical or parliamentary means.


Paul gives a copy of his book,  Following Jesus , to Pope Francis.

Paul gives a copy of his book, Following Jesus, to Pope Francis.