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Advent 2017

Advent is a season of waiting. It captures the restless anxiety felt by the people of Israel as they looked for the promised messiah to come and deliver them from the hands of their oppressors. It is a season marked by darkness and a longing for light. As 2017 draws to a close it is difficult to ignore that this has been a year punctuated by darkness. We, too, long for light.

But Advent is also a season of hope. For Christians, advent culminates in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Light in the darkness, Deliverer of the oppressed. It is the hope of this Light shining into our present darkness that moves us forward into this Advent. We are waiting for the light.

This free Advent breviary is an excerpt from Praying for Justice (Barclay Press, 2017). Praying for Justice is a four-year lectionary of verses that address God’s call for us to turn our attention always to the poor, the oppressed, and the marginalized. It is an invitation to entreat God daily to address the pain and brokenness that is all around us. But it is also an invitation to hope. We are witnesses to the in-breaking of the kingdom of God through the incarnation of Jesus Christ. We have seen the Deliverer and we know the Good News.

As we move toward Christmas this year, we hope that these Advent selections from Praying for Justice will help you navigate the darkness as we wait, wait for the Light. If you find this resource useful, please pass it along to others. It is our gift to you and is meant to be shared. You might also consider purchasing the full Praying for Justice lectionary through Barclay Press or wherever books are sold. It contains more than 200 weeks of daily readings from over 1400 biblical passages about justice.

— Steve Sherwood, R. Anderson Campbell, and Paula Hampton