To pray for each other

In this morning’s Fruit of the Vine, Eve Garrison relates a conversation she had with a student who had decided to put effort into a late assignment, knowing that he might not get credit for the work. Because of the quality of his paper, though, the teacher had “decided to count it toward the grade.” Similarly, Eve writes, God rejoices when we apply ourselves to understanding, serving, and loving, “even though we don’t deserve the credit.”

Why would God count “late work”? I think it’s because every effort we make to know God and to serve God by loving others makes a difference. It makes a difference in us. It makes a difference for others.

On Friday afternoon, a woman from a small Friends church in Alaska called me. She wanted me to know that she reads Fruit of the Vine almost every day and has been doing so for years. She said that, time and again, the day’s reflection is just what she needs. And she wanted me to know that she’s praying for us. 

All of us. The workers at Barclay Press. The writers for Fruit of the Vine. The people who read each day’s devotional reflection. Friends both near and far.

I think this is what Eve is talking about when she writes that God “puts great design, effort, and thought into each of us. How vast are his thoughts!” God intends for us to similarly think about one another, encourage one another, help one another, pray for one another.

I was encouraged by the woman who called me on Friday. I was also inspired to do what she’s doing – to pray for you.

Maybe you’ll join me in this, and all of us – from Alaska to Bolivia, from Ireland to Indiana, from Rwanda to Peru – might take some time each day to remember God’s love. And to pray for each other.

Eric Muhr