Deeper than promises

Katie Comfort reminds us in this morning's Fruit of the Vine that, where God is concerned, covenants "go beyond generations. The covenant God made with Abraham is ongoing. The covenant God made with David was finally fulfilled through Christ." And what about God's covenant with me? with you? with us?

Looking out my office window here at Barclay Press, I count three buildings that are part of the George Fox University campus. If I walk out to the parking lot, I can see the yearly meeting offices. Just like the existence of Barclay Press, these buildings are physical reminders of covenants that "go beyond generations." More than one hundred years ago, a generation of small-town Quakers allowed God to use them "to orchestrate elaborate plans for the future," plans that my generation - "both precious and temporary" - gets to be part of as well.

Sometimes, I'm only aware of the temporary part, especially in the day-to-day tensions of unfinished tasks, of looming deadlines, of fear that I'm not enough. I forget that God has been working. Is working. Will continue to work. That I need not fear.

Katie's devotional reflection on Genesis 15:1-6 reminds me that "covenants go deeper than promises," and "they often require more faith." Which is why I find comfort in her prayer "that God will reveal how he is using [me] for his glory in his covenant promises with the church, and that [I] will be faithful to that."

Eric Muhr