To see through fresh eyes

Maurice Roberts offers a friend's paraphrase of Ephesians 1:18 in this morning's Fruit of the Vine: "My prayer for you is that your heart will be able to see through fresh eyes so that you can comprehend the reality of the hope that is yours." Not tomorrow, but today. Right now. Just waiting for us to notice "that, with God in control, he has the whole world in his hands, including my world - today."

Today, I'm working on two books that we hope to have ready by the middle of July. Close to the Ground is a beautiful collection of poems from Nancy Thomas with cover art from Donavon Aylard. Face to Face: Early Quaker Encounters with the Bible from T. Vail Palmer is the first of a three-volume study on Friends, God, and the Bible. I'm proud of the role Barclay Press gets to play in the making and distribution of these books. Part of that work, though, requires that I figure out how to finance editing hours, design work, the initial print run (and a whole host of details that don't make sense to me yet [because I've never done this before!]) 

So today, I am thankful for this prayer from Maurice: "Lord, we want to be able to see your ways and your will through fresh eyes today. Deliver us from getting caught up in expectations of our own choosing."

What are you facing today? Whatever it is, remember that our hope comes from "knowing who holds the tomorrows as well as each today."

Eric Muhr