Share Stories Change Lives

About this time last year, I came on staff part time to work with Dan McCracken on the transition at Barclay Press. Dan had been an integral part here (and in several prior locations) for more than four decades, and we both knew it was going to take a little while for me to learn the ins and outs. As you can probably imagine, last fall didn’t give Dan and me all the time we needed. There are still a lot of moving parts that don’t make sense to me. So I’m trying not to do too much damage while also doing my best to move us forward in an age that is increasingly digital, increasingly connected, and increasingly complex.

In the meantime, we’ve published two books and have three more in the works for release in summer 2017. We’ve expanded the number of digital Fruit of the Vine subscriptions and moved forward on plans for a significant but subtle transition to Illuminate. Much of what used to fall under Dan’s responsibility has been transferred to other staff in order to allow me to continue in a half-time role. This gives other staff more autonomy and ownership while also saving us money. And we’ve started to attack our ongoing debt in earnest.

This last year, we’ve been able to retire more than $4,000 in continuing debt, putting us closer to our goal of being completely debt-free. That continuing debt – just a little more than $20,000 – won’t keep us from moving forward, but it’s a burden that slows us down, makes it harder to take on new projects, means I have to do careful calculations in deciding which bills can safely be paid at the end of each month.

It’s not a very exciting project, but this is what we’re aiming to do in 2016 – to finally get caught up on all our bills. And I could use your help. Please pray that God will help me to identify the right kinds of ministry opportunities that will meet real needs among Friends. Please take a look at our discounted books – stock we’d like to move out of our offices and off of our bottom line. Please also consider what you might be able to give to help us reach our goal. You can click on this link here or on the Share Stories Change Lives link in the margin to make a donation through PayPal.

Thank you for all the ways you’ve already contributed to the work of Friends and the work of Barclay Press!

Eric Muhr