This child's understanding

In this morning’s Fruit of the Vine, Deborah Climer shares an experience “teaching Sunday school at Silverton Friends Church.” The kindergarten lesson that morning was “about Jesus going out by himself to pray,” and in order to help children think about Jesus being alone, Deborah played a game with them, using a flannelgraph-like figure that was supposed to be Jesus. “After we talked about the story, I had someone hide Jesus and then the rest of us searched to find him.” There was an entire play kitchen in the classroom, and one child hid Jesus in the play microwave.

Deborah writes that “most of the children thought this was great fun.” But one child thought it was funny “for a different reason. ‘Miss Debbie,’ he said with a chuckle, ‘Jesus does not hide away, he is always with us.’”

This is what happens when we aim to teach others about our experience with God. We learn something new or are reminded of what we’ve forgotten: This child’s “understanding of who God is, and where he is, may seem somewhat child-like,” Deborah writes, “but he is wise beyond his years.”

I’m thankful, like Deborah, that Jesus is “available anytime, anywhere.” But I’m also curious. About the people in my life God is going to use to teach me (or remind me of) what matters.

And I pray that when they speak, I’ll be ready to listen.

Eric Muhr