Everett Cattell

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Everett Lewis Cattell (1905-1981) was known by many as one who lived a whole and balanced life, filled and used by the Spirit of God. In 1927, he married Catherine DeVol. Their marriage became one of an exemplary lifetime of mutual support.

The intellectual, as well as the spiritual, was very important to Everett. He graduated from Marion College (now Indiana Wesleyan University), received an M.A. in philosophy from Ohio State University, and over his life was given honorary Doctorates of Divinity and Literature from, respectively, Asbury Theological Seminary and George Fox College.

Throughout his life, Everett served in many positions of leadership or authority. He served as an adjunct professor for the Cleveland Bible Institute (now Malone University), a pastor of Friends, the superintendent of Ohio Yearly Meeting (EFC-ER), and a missionary to India from 1936-1957, president of World Evangelical Fellowship, and president of Malone College.

    During his time serving in India with the Friends Foreign Missionary Society, he held several different positions. A gifted leader, he acted as executive secretary to the Evangelical Fellowship of India, the first chairman of the Board of Governors of the Union Biblical Seminary in Yavatmal, India, a co-opted member of the Executive Committee of the National Christian Council of India, and served frequently as a pastor/preacher at Kellogg Memorial Church in Landour.

    Everett believed in, and lived, a life of integrity. Greatly influenced by the Holiness Movement, he dug deep into what it meant to live a holy life. He strove to incorporate intellect, spirit, and actions to truly love the Lord with the whole of his life. He had a concern for the integration of faith and learning, the integration of devotional life and service, and the integration of the public life and the private. He lived selflessly, carrying a great concern for people everywhere; it was said that his cares for people reached as close as his family and as far as the world.